7 things to do in Quarantine Phase

Self-quarantine was never on your bucket list, right?

Everyone around the world are extremely stressed about this pandemic. We are going to overcome this together by staying at home and staying healthy. Here are the 7 Things You Can Do In The Quarantine Phase. Meanwhile, here are a few things that you could do for your self-growth during this pandemic phase.

1. Learn something new

If you wanted to learn something or develop a new skill but were always procrastinating or couldn’t do it because of your busy schedule, then this is the right time. The Internetfers many online courses and video tutorials that you can make use of and develop that skill you’ve wanted to learn for a long time. In other words, it means that you will come out if this much more productively.

Browsing through the internet learn a new skill

2. Go back to the good old time

Can time spent back in the past be revived? Yes, you can revive the good old time that you’ve spent. Rejuvenate all your old memories by going through your old albums. Video call your friends who you’ve lost touch with and recall all the stories of your life. Read your old diary if you have one. Unknowingly you will experience the bliss that lies in the treasure of the past. You will certainly comment that you’ve experienced this yourself.

Going through the old album

3. Exercise or Meditate

A great way to start your day is by doing exercise or by meditation. This helps you to be more productive throughout the day and feel energetic. Calming your mind and body is very much necessary to have a great day. Above all, exercise keeps you fit, and meditation helps you to have a better focus on your work. In addition to that, meditation and exercise are the new cool.

Meditation posture

4. Watch a Netflix show which is inspirational

During a phase like this, we all need to have some patience and inspiration to get going. Most importantly, during this phase, be hopeful that things will get better in life and everything will be back to normal. Binge-watch a Netflix show or some movies to keep you inspired. For instance, watch Miracle or Dangal.

5. Spend time with your family

This COVID-19 pandemic can be defeated by a key called solidarity. So stay home with your family and make sure they are healthy. For example, Cook food for them, help them in daily chores, play indoor games, and most importantly, make them happy. All that they want right now is your support which is their strength. Moreover, our busy lives will kick in as soon as this is done, so use this time to enjoy it!


6. Start writing a journal

Start writing a journal and list all your goals, bucket list, and where you want to be in the coming 5 years, as it helps you keep track of things. Also, write some affirmations and make sure to read them before you go to bed and after you wake up in the morning. Writing down things are thought-provoking and reminds you of your objectives.

7. Pursue your hobbies

Don’t always stick to the news but spend time pursuing your hobby that makes you truly happy. If possible, also try making this your side hustle. The amount of happiness you will get from this is unexplainable. We all have more time than usual in our hands, so use this to get back to old favourites. This is really very therapeutic. A woman pursuing her hobby.


How are you practising self-growth during COVID-19?

In conclusion, I would like you to remember that…

Self-growth is tender. There is no greater investment.

Thank You for reading! Stay healthy and stay safe.

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